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Kashimbila Multi-Purpose Dam Taraba stat


"Landscape Economics' goes beyond the  monetary valuation and explores what exactly does the value of a landscape represent"...

Martijn Van Der Heide

Photo: Kashimbila Multi-Purpose Dam Taraba state

"The need to implement effective incentive systems for a sustainable management of landscape requires policy makers and stakeholders to understand not only the monetary values that communities attach to landscape and its characteristics but other spiritual, cultural, species & biodiversity and other intangible values the landscape hold. The estimation of such landscapes and  assigning monetary has been challenging  because of the complexity of considering landscape components in economic models"  Tagliafierro. C et al., 2013


                                                                               How we engage

SLAN advocates for multidisciplinary approach that integrates landscape ecology, landscape preference studies and environmental economics to provide a common framework for collaboration between landscape scientists and economists as research shown.

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