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International Federation of Landscape Architecture Month Competition for
Children Drawing with the theme:  „Trees a friend of the Earth”.

The competition is organized by the Society of Landscape Architects of Nigeria
(SLAN) in partnership with the International Federation of Landscape Architects

The aim of this contest is to:

1. To access the participants‟ knowledge of the environmental potentials and
hazards surrounding us.
2. To motivate the participants to study and apply the methods for keeping the
environment green.
3. To create a deeper interest in the study of the Landscape Architecture via art.
Thematic range:
Thematically the competition covers desertification, environmental pollution,
flooding, erosion, bush fires, heat wave, famine and other global warming issues.
Conditions of Participation: 

The participants in the competition are divided into 2 groups according to their 
1) Ages 6 to 9 
2) Ages 10 to 12 
The presentation should be by drawing and colouring.
Each Drawing should be accompanied by a short description/message, written in
English on a separate sheet of paper. 

Drawing and Colouring Technique: 
At the participant‟s choice
Sheet Format: The sheet size of the painting should be on A4 size paper for 
Age 6-9 years, and A3 for Ages 10- 12years excluding the frame.

Each drawing/painting should be accompanied by information about the 
participant. For this purpose, the following information should be provided
on  a separate sheet and attached to the back of each presented painting: 
a) Name of the pupil.
b) Name of Parent/Guardian.
c) Address of Parent/Guardian.
d) Age.
e) Name of School, Town/City
f) Residential Address (street address, state, country)
g) Phone number
h) Entry category (State) 

In order to participate in the competition, the pupils should submit completed work on the 11th May 2017 to the Head Master/Head Mistress of their respective schools for collection by the Society‟s representative. 
The deadline for submission of Painting is 11th May 2017.The top three entries in each category will be recognized by the jury on Tuesday, May 16th May 2017 and informed the week starting 18  May 2017.

All received paintings for the competition will become the property of SLAN and the organizers have the right to popularize them in the media.
For more information, please do not hesitate to contact the addresses C/o Mrs
Deborah Nenchi, Parks and Recreation Department, Abuja Central Park/plant
Nursery, Abuja. 0817422068 

We look forward to receiving your entries.

Best Regards,

Mrs Deborah Nenchi 
National President,
Society of Landscape Architects of Nigeria

Judges in the ‘Green Drawing Competition’ for Primary Schools with the theme ‘Trees a friend of the Earth’


Members of your committee are:

Deborah Yaka  (Chairman)

Isiyaka Lukmon Olalekan (Secretary)

Olatuni Olayemi (Member)

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